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Other Programs

More meaningful Spine Care programs for:-

a) Personal Maintenance and Therapy.
b) Corporate / Governmental.
c) Charity and Fund raising for victims from Spinal injuries.
d) For creating a career and profession relating to Spinal Care.

A. Personal Maintenance and Therapy.
We welcome all customers to join us in our regular training sessions to refresh themselves and to be reminded on the importance of the practice. We will monitor and review the way our customers practice, and will guide them accordingly. As long as our customers are willing to share with us their experience with the practice, we will work hand-in-hand to enhance a more fruitful result with the practice.

B. Corporate / Governmental.
Staff from all sectors like Small & Medium, corporate and government offices experience Spinal Ailments of which condition vary only by its seriousness. As in the IT era almost every thing and everyone do things with computer. According to research, spinal ailments especially neck pain and shoulder pain (or stiffness) are related to people who work with computers. We are ready to share our experience with them of how to stay-away from these ailments. Any groups above 5 paxs are welcome to request for a complimentary demo of the Self-Heal practice.

For staff from the government sectors, we could provide a 1day intensive Spine Care work-out program for them with a minimum of 30 persons per group. The average rate for this training program is in the average of Rm269 to Rm368 per person.

C. For Creating a Career or Profession relating to Spinal Care.
Various courses on Isogai Dynamic Therapy will be organized in a year with instructors invited from Taiwan. These intensive 3 to 5 days courses are designed for those who would like to pursue a career in complimentary Spine Care treatment

The average rates for these courses are Rm3688 to Rm4218 for elementary and intermediate level and Rm1988 to Rm2380 for advance classes.

Isogai Dynamic Therapy is ideal practice for all human disregards of races, religion and background.

D. For Charitable organization Fundraising-NGO and victims of the Spinal injuries.
We are willing to work with association, organization and NGO for the benefits of those who suffered and immovable due to spinal injuries. We hope not only to assist these people with our field of knowledge but to assist to raise fund for these victims.


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