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Why Neck and Back Pain?? 

Legs & Knees
Therapeutic Bench


Scoliosis Therapy Session

Therapy Session
Public Seminar
公 益讲座

Save Your Neck And Back
Seminar in English
24th January(SUN) 2019
2nd March(SAT) 2019
in Petaling Jaya

Seminar in Mandarin
(In Klang)
9th March(SAT) 2019

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Actual Proof

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(Evolve Mall) near to Citta Mall Ara Damansara
Enquiry :- 016-947 3065
For Therapy Session appointment :- 016-322 4023 (whatsapp) / OR buy online now !!!
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Green House of Natural Food S/B 
07-351 9929 / 012-747 0663 (Mary)

Green House provides comprehensive range of tools for Neck, Back and Leg's problems. It serves customers from the Southern regions and Singapore, at the same time it also support all its customers with regular therapy sessions.
New Start Wellness Therapy
012-666 7862 ( Dr. Carolyn Goh )

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Rising Sun Health Food Sdn Bhd
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12, Lorong Bertam Jaya 1, Tmn. Bertam Jaya, Kepala Batas, 13200 PENANG
(near Hospital Kepala Batas) and Han's Pharmacy (near KFC Kepala Batas)

Mr. Hang represent enclosed items for the Northern region since 2011. His perseverance and experience in guiding customers to manage back and neck pains are well respected. His customer's service like, home and  odd time deliveries made him popular among his customers.
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Kuala Lumpur (Old Klang Road)
Sunway Pharmacy *Formerly Taman Desa pharmacy)
03-7980 0717

Kuantan :  016-921 5629 (Ms. Goh)
DDS Therapy Centre
No. 22, Jalan Bandar 2, Pusat Bandar Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan
011-233 8571

Do you have neck pain..???
Neck Healer

  Come with instruction and DVD. Practice
    15 to 20 minutes a day before bed time,
your neck is
restored and re-aligned.
Your neck pain will melt away without you knowing it !!


Promotion apply to retail
purchase only!!

Colors of the item varies from time to time




MOB™ Neck Healer is your passport to STOP neck pain!!

Use the MOB™ Neck Healer 2 to 3 times a day at a duration of
20 minutes per session,

Your neck pain will melt away without you knowing it !!!!

We are living in an enormously advanced technology era. High speed internet have made many impossible to possible. We can simply talk to and look at someone across different continent thru a gadget screen. we are almost fully informed of every news thru just a tiny handphone like the size of a hand palm.

What more? This high tech innovations have also turned us into very disciplined individuals who never leave home without a handset. Our lifes are busy, hectic and occupied at all times.

While we continue to enjoy all these electronic gadgets, we do not know that our neck has become the major sacrificial part of our indulgence.

It is never in history that neck pain have become so common like what it is now. Neck pain is the most talked about life style inflicted health issue world wide.

Unlike back pain which usually happen on adult age 40 years and above, neck pain can happen as early as 10 years old.

Neck pain is extremely bothering, and it wil cause numerous symptoms like; numbness, tingling and weakness on both hands. Frozen shoulder, headaches, emotional, depression, Parkinson, difficult in breathing, insomnia and etc.....

Don't Let

All items are purchased separately

Isogai Spine Correction Roll

MOB™ Neck Healer is proven effective to :-

1. Prevent neck pain and neck related    

2. Treat and stop neck pain.

Are you sick of back pain, are you tired of the never ending treatments, medications & supplements???



Everyone have at least once or more time of back pain in a life time. Back pain should be perceived as part of the aging process like grey hair and wrinkles. It is not realistic to believe that back pain can be gone forever. It is more realistic to accept back pain, manage it wisely to stop it from worsening. There are many causes for back pain, finding the root cause is important, but it is even more important to start doing the right thing to stop back pain. i.e:-

1. Maintain correct posture at all         time.

2. Be alert to avoid injuries and           accidents.

3. Avoid sedentary life style.

4. Stretch out the spine regularly.

All deliveries to East Malaysia please add RM45 per item.

 Back Healer

 壮腰 宝
The Most Effective Self-Help Tool
For Back Pain & Leg Problems

Price Rm433
Come with instruction and DVD

Colors of the item varies from time to time

For the last 25 years,  MOB™ Back-Healer has helped many with back pain.

This self-help therapy is highly effective, economical and safe.

All items are purchased separately
Include  MOB™ Back-Healer in your daily routine, with 20-30 minutes
per session, you will be free from back pain, pullings, numbness, tingling, pinching and weakness.

Sitting with incorrect posture or sitting without proper supports are major causes of low back pain. If we don't sit well how can we be healed.
万 效护曲坐垫
MOB™ Seat 
Support Rm229


is essential for sciatica, pelvic girdle pain, knee pain, lower back pain, weakness on both legs but most important, it is a comfortable support for healthy sitting. It helps to 
distribute pressure evenly acting on the sacral & coccyx

Customer service :
016-947 3065
(Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 8:00pm)

All deliveries to East Malaysia please
add RM45 per item.

MOB™Back  Support (9-L)
Rm 249


The Design of MOB9-L Back Support include essential features such as:-
  • Support all three curves; the thoracic, the lumbar and the sacrum in the spine.
  • Designed to apply force vectors at the right points in the spine to stimulate a reflex that forces you to sit upright.
  • Provide proper support to the back, forcing us to sit with our spine properly aligned.Sitting with incorrect posture or sitting without proper supports are major causes of low back pain. If we don't sit well how can we be healed.
  • Maintain a correct sitting position or posture so that the body can be free from back pain and neck pain.

Isogai Therapy discovered by Japanese Physician, Dr.Kimiyoshi Isogai in the 1950's. The principal behind Isogai Therapy is that leg length discrepancy is the root cause of all health problem.


Alignment Belt

(come in a set of 3pcs)

(May refer to

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